Why We Love Photographing Studio Members

Familiar Faces at a Photography Studio

One of the exciting things about working for a professional photography studio is that things are constantly changing. Every day I come to work and have no idea what I’m going to get! Will I get an adorable elderly couple celebrating their 50th anniversary or a family of 8 getting professional photographs taken for the very first time? And while I do love the excitement and surprise of each new photography session, there is also a different type of excitement that comes from seeing familiar faces each month.

Affordable Family Portraits and Membership Options

At Andrae Michaels portrait studios we have an amazing studio membership program. Members get a full photography session once a month and automatically receive these photos uploaded digitally and sent to their email for an extremely affordable $39.99/month. Pretty cool! And while all our studio members are pretty awesome, I especially have a blast with the Cartwright family. The Cartwright’s are a husband and wife duo that are so much fun to be around. Not only do I love photographing them once a month but I genuinely want to be best friends with them – that’s how cool they are.

cartwrights pose for a picture in the studio of andrae michaels photographer in colorado springs

Consider Couples Portraits

Most of our studio members have small children, which is a fantastic experience. They come in once a month and get to document their child’s growth with affordable professional pictures. This is a great deal on professional photography packages! But with the Cartwright’s, it’s usually just the two of them that come in monthly. They occasionally bring an additional family member to a session with them. I find it awesome that a husband and wife that don’t have any children yet just want to come in and get photos of themselves taken. It shows how highly they value their relationship.

the cartwrights are photographed being silly at andrae michaels portrait studios in colorado springs

Not Only Your Typical Professional Pictures

These photos are not always typical portrait photos. Sure, we usually get the adorable couple photos of them kissing or looking into each other’s eyes. Obviously, they are in love and want to show it! But they also enjoy goofing off and playing with props. It’s pretty entertaining to see a grown man in a princess tiara and wand! They don’t take themselves too seriously and I can tell they love taking advantage of the studio membership in order to have a record of their lives together.

cartwright poses with a tiara and wand to be silly in a photograph at andrae michaels in colorado springs

Capturing Memories through Studio Photography: Why I Love It

At the end of the day, I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to capture these moments in people’s lives through studio photography. I love getting to meet new people, or in the case of our studio members, getting to know them and document their lives on a monthly basis. So, for anybody who is ready to get their professional portraits done, remember to book your session with Andrae Michaels Portrait Company!

-Rachel, Andrae Michaels Photographer

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