Why people wait to get Professional Portraits

As a photographer with Andrae Michaels I see a number of different families who come in to get their portraits taken. One of the first questions that I always ask them is “When is the last time you got professional portraits taken?” Surprisingly, or maybe not to some, but the answer I get most often is “Never.” Never!? And I can’t even be one to judge. My family never got professional portraits taken growing up either. To be honest I only got professional family photos taken with my family a couple weeks ago here at Andrae Michaels for the first time. And I’m in my twenties. So for my entire infancy, childhood, and teen years there are no professional photos of my family and I hanging on the wall.

Forget The Excuses

But there are always a million excuses. Everybody is too busy and you can’t fine time, or you’re a little overweight, or you’re having a bad hair day. And while those are totally valid in the moment, I would rather get something taken then nothing. Even if you’re really busy, taking one hour out of your day to get lifetime memories is totally worth it. And you never know how long you’ll be together so you have to treasure and commemorate those times. And when you look back at those photos 10 years down the line, all you’ll see is how much everybody has changed. You’ll be so grateful you got those portraits taken that you won’t even care if you’re makeup wasn’t as perfect as you wanted it.

couple holds frame around them as they make silly faces at each other by Andrae Michaels portrait studios

Professional Photography vs your phone

mother and son smile for the camera in a portrait by Andrae Michaels portrait studios

One of the other excuse I hear often as to why people haven’t gotten professional photos taken is that they take family photos all the time…on their phone. And while having those photos is obviously very important too, they just don’t compare to having professional photos taken. The quality and value of professional photos can never be matched with a phone, no matter how good of a camera it has. Not only is the value of the photos themselves higher when you do professional portraits, it’s the entire experience. Getting dressed up with your family and taking time out of your day to make memories with the people you love is an experience that doesn’t happen with a quick snap on the IPhone.

Take time for the memories of Inexpensive, Professional Photographs

So next time you’re strolling through the mall and you happen upon our lovely kiosk, take a moment. Think about what those memories will mean to you down the line and why they are worth it. And they’re so incredibly affordable. There really is not excuse so go ahead and book your session now.

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