We can do almost everything!

When it comes to photography there are a lot of businesses or private photographers that specialize in a specific type of photography. They might only do weddings or engagement photos. Or maybe they just do family photography but forget bringing pets. Or they might possibly only do outdoor photography, but do not have a studio space to do an indoor photoshoot. Well when it comes to Andrae Michaels we pretty much do it all!

Outdoor or Indoor

Andrae Michaels has 4 permanent studio locations.

We have the one that I work at in Colorado Springs, and then one in Denver, Littleton, and Austin, TX. So, when it comes to getting professional portraits taken indoors we have definitely got you covered! But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the option for an outdoor session.

Currently at the Colorado Springs location we offer outdoor sessions booked 2 weeks in advance at a location chosen between you and the photographer for a $150 sitting fee.

So, go ahead and get those beautiful outdoor scenic photos for your wall!

Families, Couples, Kids, Pets galore

Andrae Michaels loves to do all styles of photography.

We largely do Family Photography, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we do. We also love to do all types of Couple’s Photography.

From couple’s getting their first photographs ever together to a married couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Engagement photos? We do them! Newlywed photos? Absolutely.

And Kids Photography from brand new baby, toddlers, kids, teenagers, you name it.

Pet Photography is another style that we love to do, and that not all other Photography studios offer.

And it doesn’t just pertain to cats and dogs. We’ve photographer reptiles, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc…

If you have an animal that’s part of your family then absolutely consider getting their photograph taken with you!

And if you just want a photo for yourself come in for an Individual Photography session.

Essentially, whatever your photography needs may be we should be able to take care of you.

Inexpensive Professional Photography

And not only does Andrae Michaels cover most types of photography, we also are very inexpensive. Considering most photography studios will charge a sitting fee that is per person, Andrae Michaels only charges a sitting fee of $10 for groups up to 18 people. NOT per person.

What an amazing value! And we also have an amazing special of 19 portraits of $20 that you can purchase. So, stop waiting to get photos taken and give us a call!