Deciding What to Wear in the Photography Studio

What to Wear in Front of our Professional Cameras

Here at Andrae Michaels Photography Company, we strive to capture the best images possible. Here are some tips on what you can do to help ensure your images are top quality.

Tips From a Professional Photographer

“You have to color coordinate,” “Don’t wear bright or extreme patterns!” You’ll definitely hear these tips several times when you tell your friends that you booked an appointment at a professional photography studio for your family. While this is mostly true, as a professional photographer, I can debunk some of the do’s and don’ts for outfits in family portraits.

Role of Color in Your Family Portraits

We all know clothing plays a huge role on how your images will look, but contrary to popular opinions, your family doesn’t have to stick to one color. Mix it up! The color scheme will make a considerable impact on your family photo. We suggest staying within 3 complementary colors.

Should We Avoid Patterns in Our Family Pictures?

You don’t need to be afraid of patterns. Patterns can set the tone for color choices.  While you don’t want every family member in a pattern, it is ok to have one or two family members set the color scheme for your family portraits. In my family photography studio one day, the youngest daughter wore a purple and gray striped dress and the rest of the family dressed in purple or gray. If you go this route, make sure that the colors are similar tones to the pattern and try to keep a balance among the colors. You don’t want one color to overpower another.

How to Incorporate Logos into your Family Portraits

Another important guideline to follow during professional family photography is to avoid logos.  They are a distraction from the family photo. However, I have photographed a family whom all wore black T-shirts with their favorite band’s logo in white. They wanted a cover band type pose, and this totally worked out for their family portraits. So, where I would normally suggest no logos in a formal family portrait, some families can make it work. Don’t be afraid of breaking the rules and thinking outside of the box. Capturing your family’s personality is more important than following the typical guidelines.

professional photograph of family wearing logos by andrae michaels portrait studios in colorado springs

Does Decor Matter in my Family’s Portrait?

One more thing to keep in mind is your home’s décor. Yes, that sounds like it’s totally off topic, but it’s one of the most important and underrated subjects in a family photography session. The décor of your home matters, because one of the main purposes behind getting a family portrait done is to display them in your own home. You want your images to complement your home: not have your family photos fade into the background or stick out. So, when choosing a color theme, keep in mind where you might display your portraits in your home and ask yourself if the color scheme will match.  This will help turn your family portraits in to a piece of art.

Planning Your Color Scheme for Your Family Portrait

So, once you have decided you’re ready for family portraits and you book a session, start planning your family’s outfit. Think of what you want your focal point to be for your portraits: for example, a new born baby. Dress them in a pattern or the brightest color, and coordinate everyone else around their outfit. Make sure the color scheme matches the décor of your home. And the most important thing is to keep it real. We want your family portraits to reflect who you are and to be your favorite piece of art work in your home.


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