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Precious Moments in Children Photography

professional studio portrait of baby sister and little brother by andrae michaels portrait studios in colorado springs

Your children grow and change so incredibly fast. Infants grow into toddlers and toddlers grow into children who are off to school before you can catch your breath.  Your baby, now a preteen, is sprinting toward adulthood. Don’t waste these precious times, capture those moments before they slip away.

Personality Photos of Your Children

Here at Andrae Michaels photography studios, we love capturing personalities in photographs. The cuteness just shines from behind the innocent eyes of a preschool child. The excitement of a professional photography shoot and enthusiasm of a professional photographer can add joy to the experience of both the parent and the child. Come and let us capture the beauty of your child’s personality at each and every stage.

professional photograph of small boy with teddy bear at andrae michaels portrait studios in colorado springs

Timeless, Classic Child Portraits

From classic to crazy, we provide professional images of your children to love and share for years through studio portrait photography. At our photography studio, we will create timeless professional photos of your child. We welcome ideas and props from parents to create those exceptional photos.

professional photograph of young girls with props at andrae michaels portrait studios in colorado springs

Affordable Professional Photos of Your Beautiful Kids     

Your kids usually get their fabulous faces photographed at school. But sometimes, those pictures are not good enough because they fail to capture the child’s character.  Let us shoot those photos that you will love. We can custom-build an affordable photo package.

young girl in purple dress smiles for professional photograph taken at andrae michaels portrait studios in colorado springs

Colorado Springs’ Best Photography Studio

We would love for you to bring your beautiful children to our amazing studio. We are looking forward to capturing your child’s personality.  Anyone can take a snapshot of your child, but a professional photo shared with your family will be treasured by everyone.

three young sisters smile for a professional portrait at andrae michaels portrait studios in colorado springs

“I Know That Girl Behind the Camera”

The Oyster Run is a huge motorcycle gathering event during spring in Anacortes, Washington. From where I lived, it was a 3-hour drive. With my camera in hand, I was crazily shooting in 20 different directions when I heard a man’s voice from somewhere in the crowds of people and over the roar of hundreds of motorcycles saying, “I know that girl behind that camera.” I turned around to see my brother-in-law’s smiling face. I hadn’t seen him in 6 years and he lived 6 hours away from the event.  I totally captured that moment, and the memories will be forever cherished.

professional photograph of blue motorcycle taken by andrae michaels photographer
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