The Power of Photography

Do We Cherish Cell Phone Photos?

We all have found ourselves reaching into our pockets and pulling out our phones to capture a moment happening right before us. Our cell phone, once used only for the convenience of reaching a person on the go, has evolved into a multipurpose gadget that most us can’t live without. With capabilities of everything from banking to shopping, the camera function is the most popular. It fills up our phones with thousands of countless snap shots within a short period of time. But how often do we print these photos or view them like a photo album? They are almost as good as gone the minute we take them and upload them to our social media site. It’s not until we find ourselves scrolling through to make storage room or backing them up onto our computers do we take a moment to relive those experiences captured on our mobile devices.

Technology’s Effect On Photography

It’s amazing how advanced the world of technology has become. With instant gratification on the rise, I like to remember the day as a small child flipping through a National Geographic magazine. The pages were filled with vibrant colored images of places I could only dream about seeing. The power of photography over the years has given us this glimpse into foreign lands, taking us places we have never been before.  It also has the power to transport us back in time like a time machine. Photography has always played a huge role in our lives ever since Nicéphore Niépce invented the first camera in 1816, capturing the good, the bad and everything in between.

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Embrace the Story Within

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“Photography… it makes us stop and think of what was, what is and what can be. It gives us hope and takes us to places we have never been. It can make us smile, as well as make us cry. Through our work, it can show us our dreams and our greatest fears. Photography is more than just a snapshot. It’s a window into a world we never seen before. It is transporting us back in time, showing us the here and now and allowing us to create our fantasy. So, I invite you to stop and stare a little longer. You will find more meaning then a glance will ever justify. This is true of a past photo, an image of a beautiful foreign country, a memory captured in time or the creation from one’s vision. If it captures your eye, embrace the story with in.” -Rebekah Boudoin May 2014.

Photography of Important Moments

Come let us be apart of that journey of capturing your family’s precious, ever-changing moments. They are memories that you will cherish forever and pass down from generation to generation. We create photos you will look back on and remember when your daughter or son fit so perfectly into your arms, or the accomplishments of graduating high school, college or a military academy. All these little moments that are important to us are worth capturing.


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