What Happens in the Studio, Stays in the Studio

Becoming a professional photographer was the best decision I have ever made – especially because I have been doing studio photography with Andrae Michaels. I especially enjoy baby photography, and luckily, we have an infant photography session every week. I love capturing the babies’ true personalities after breaking the ice with warm smiles. Not many parents realize the importance of capturing their baby’s first memory. But not many people realize the difficulty behind this mission. I often tell our clients that studio sessions with babies are like Vegas. No one has to know about the crying, playing, and often weird noises that happen in one session alone. Making them smile after they just had a meltdown is the best part because those babies look like angels in their pictures.

Sister to the Rescue

Shooting baby sessions is definitely all fun and games, but working with my sissy can be my second mission of the day! My sister Kay has always inspired me to do better and grow as a person, and she was actually the one to get me my first photography job and build my passion for it. When I saw these two little sisters it made me step back and realize how grateful I am for my best friend Kay. Shooting sibling photography has always been my favorite, especially when I see how the girls I meet every day are so close. She may be a big bully sometimes, but she’s my motivation to keep going every day.

portrait of baby girl laughing by Andrea Michaels portrait studios in Colorado Springs

Family Photography Is Important

Photography isn’t just about nice smiles, perfect lighting, and killer posing, but it’s definitely the best way to capture those memories you will never get back. You and your family should have a way to always remember those missions, laughs, and fart noises we had to make to get those perfect portraits for the family.


Andrae Michaels