Every Profession has its Challenges

Being a photographer, as with any job, comes with its own set of challenges. Obstacles that you have to overcome or work through in

order to create an amazing product. One of the biggest challenges I feel professional photographers face today is this idea of anyone

being able to call themselves a photographer. With higher quality cameras on our phone anyone that can point and click seems to

think that they create professional quality work. And while I’m no stranger to taking tons of photos on my phone, there is no

comparison to an amateur using a lower quality camera to take photos and a professional with tons of training using incredibly high

quality and expensive equipment. Getting people to see the value in real quality, professional portraits is something that we as

photographers see all the time. But also one of the greatest rewards is after they’ve had their session and are looking at all the amazing

photographs, their perception changes and they love what we’ve given them. There’s nothing like seeing the smile on a families face

when they get professional photographs for the first time!

Seeing the Results of Professional Portraits

As mentioned seeing how people react to their photos is probably one of the best parts of being a photographer. Especially if the

session isn’t the smoothest. Dealing with fussy babies or irritable toddlers and pets is definitely a challenge, but it is all part of the job.

And to be honest those sessions are the ones that end up being the most rewarding. Even if you seemingly have the worst session to

someone on the outside, it can result in some of the best photos. And getting a great photos out of a particularly challenging session is

the best feeling. Especially if you see the look of shock and awe on the parents or families face. And of course it’s also an amazing

experience when a session goes smoothly and the customer is still incredibly excited at their fantastic professional photographs. But

there is just something about catching that perfect and seemingly impossible shot of the kid with a tantrum actually smiling.

Variety is the Spice of Life (or photography)

Another one of my favorite parts of being a photographer, besides overcoming obstacles to achieve amazing results, is the never-

ending variety. Especially working at a portrait studio. Every single day is another type of session. There is couple photography, family

photography, pet photography, friend photography, business photography, and on and on. And even with each photo session every

individual person and family is so completely different and refreshing. While you may photograph 3 different couples in a day,

one of those is two 18 year olds getting their first photos together. Another could be there for engagement photos. And the final couple

might be celebrating 30 years together. So while photography has its own set of challenges, overcoming them and getting to see the joy

on people’s face is absolutely one of the best parts of being a photographer.