Portraits and Family Fun

Welcome everyone to your Family Portrait Session! I know you are scared but it will be OK!

I am your Photographer, Kid Charmer, and Entertainer for this event.

Now, be prepared to OOH and awe, have a cry, and laugh out loud, put your worries aside, and enjoy your time together.

For those of you new to Portrait Photography…

If you have never done portraits this may be how it feels…

It is a challenge to pull on clothes and get out the door, with kids going crazy in the back seat of the car, with your fingers crossed whispering to yourself, “Please stay flawless!”

All the hustle and bustle that happens so fast, just to freeze time and make it last.

Professional Photographers – It’s Our Job

But, now that you have arrived, just relax. Let the Kid Charmer show you her tricks!

She knows you want perfection and that is not an easy feat, so let’s play peek-a-boo and tickle you but, never say cheese, we prefer fuzzy pickles please. From crying babies who want to eat and running toddlers who will not freeze, every awry moment to ironic smiles, all genuine expressions and loving wiles, trust the Kid Charmer, she knows what to do, to capture every caring memory for you.

Remember, it is OK to laugh and have fun, and trust us Mom, you look bomb. Now watch the boogers, get those cleaned, catch the drool and keep clothes neat, now everyone look at me and… freeze!

mother and son pose for professional photograph taken by Andrea Michaels portrait studios in Colorado Springs

Beauty Found in the Chaos

When after the chaos is all said and done, take a moment to breathe and let the kids calm down. We will go sit and laugh at all the silly things performed to see these beautiful pictures of you and your loved ones.

So come once a year or even once a month, we are here for you to help freeze the time you do not want gone.


Andrae Michaels Studio Photographer

professional photograph of young girl posing with stuffed puppy at Andrea Michaels portrait studios