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In Memorandum Sessions2017-10-28T01:06:35+00:00

We love being able to help include family members that have passed into your current sessions to help them be remembered. Bring your favorite framed 8×10 portrait of your loved one to your session with you. Leave the glass for the frame at home, that way we don’t have any reflection from it. If you have some of Grandma’s favorite jewelry, or Grandpa’s military honors bring them in as well.  Our photographers are very creative, and will help incorporate any family heirloom you would like to be a part of your session.   

Wedding Sessions2017-10-28T01:06:52+00:00

We would love to be included in your big day! Bring your wedding attire into the studio to change before your session to keep everything looking great. Bring your wedding party, bouquet, wedding license, garter and anything else you would like us to  incorporate. If you are planning on bringing a large group, please call your studio ahead of time to confirm.

Engagement Sessions2017-10-28T01:07:09+00:00

We know you are excited about that ring, and we are ready to help you show it off! Your left hand will definitely be a focus during your session, so make sure those nail look great. The only other thing you need is your new fiancé and we will do the rest. Be prepared to love a bunch of poses, and to have the cutest “Save the Dates” around.

Senior Pictures2017-10-28T01:07:27+00:00

Senior pictures? We’ve got you covered! Bring in 2 outfits that represent you and your personality. If you have a letterman jacket, team uniform, or anything that really shows your interests, bring that too. Select studios offer cap and gowns, please call your local studio ahead to confirm. Find out from your school what your yearbook requirements are, that way when we show you your different collection options we can make sure to have that covered for you as well.

Quinceanera Sessions2017-10-28T01:07:43+00:00

Bring your dress, tiara, bouquet and the whole familia! Your sitting fee covers groups of up to 18, so bring your whole court. Please call the studio in advance with how many we should expect in your session.

First Year Sessions2017-10-28T01:08:00+00:00

Cake anyone? First birthdays are important, and so are the first bites of a  birthday cake. Smash cakes are welcomed here (mess and all). Bring an outfit to take some traditional poses in, and another you won’t mind getting covered in icing. Bring a towel, wet wipes, and an outfit for when it’s over. Balloons or a customized sign made by mom are always welcomed as well.

Newborn & Baby Sessions2017-10-28T01:08:18+00:00

Congratulations! We can’t wait to help show your beautiful new addition(s) to the world! When booking your session try to keep in mind your baby’s sleep and feeding schedules. Weekday appointments are recommended so that we have more time if the baby wants to act like a baby. We have props for both boys and girls, and specialty poses for all stages of your baby’s development.  You are more than welcome to bring special props or outfits, and we love babies in just their diapers, tutus, or bloomers too!

Maternity Sessions Overview2017-10-28T00:53:46+00:00

Book your session as soon as you feel comfortable showing that bump! Your portraits will make great invitations to your baby shower, and the perfect thank you cards, so we recommend trying to come see us first. All of our studios have wonderful props to help show that we are welcoming your bundle of joy, but you can also bring in ultrasound pictures or any cute outfits, shoes or gifts for baby that are special to you.  We recommend a cute outfit for you to get started, but we love showing belly! Check out our maternity gallery to see different examples of maternity “wraps” we do with fabric.  Most of all, don’t stress! We will make this a wonderful experience and help capture that “glow” that looks so good on you right now!

I have a promotional package, what does that get me?2021-01-21T11:47:28+00:00

With that promotion you have invested $20 you receive a digital download of your favorite image with over numerous images to choose from so you pick exactly what you want.

What is the sitting fee?2017-10-28T00:51:20+00:00

It covers your session itself, and includes groups up to 18, it is NOT per person. This includes a full session. We will use different backgrounds, props, and poses so that you will have variety of beautiful portraits.

What to wear?2017-10-28T00:50:29+00:00

We generally end up getting your whole outfit in at least one pose so keep shoes in mind. We recommend coordinating colors, and avoiding bold patterns or busy logos. Some families like formal wear, while others prefer jeans and tees.

I know I will love all of my poses, how do I get more?2017-10-28T00:49:25+00:00

After you take your portraits you will be able to view them all and pick your favorites. We will go over our different specials and collection options with you to help customize the best package for you and your family. Additional portraits would be purchased the same day as your session, and we can accept credit, debit or cash.

How much should I expect to invest on additional collections?2017-10-28T00:48:27+00:00

It will all depend on how many portraits you love, what kind of heirloom items you are interested in, and what specials we are running. The average family invests between $250-$350, but some do much more, and some do less.  The best part is everything is customizable, so you will be sure to leave happy.

I need digital images, do you offer that?2017-10-28T00:45:54+00:00

We sure do! Through our wonderful Flashop.pics website we can send you your high quality digital images. That includes the copyright release that will allow you to share with family, post to social media, and print whatever you need! Digital images have to be purchased and do not come included with any promotional package.

What should I bring for the maternity photography session?2017-08-16T16:32:12+00:00

You really do not need to bring anything. However, some of our clients like to bring large or small props that have meaning to them. Such things as stuffed animals, building blocks, baby shoes and flowers, or anything related to your unborn child. Some creative items we’ve seen are saris, native fabrics, and wedding veils. We do have props available for you to use.

What should my partner wear for the maternity photography session?2017-08-16T16:32:56+00:00

We recommend your partner bring jeans or khaki pants, a plain white or black shirt. Also bring or wear a plain white or black crew-neck t-shirt.

How should I prepare for my maternity photography session?2017-08-16T16:33:52+00:00

Our maternity photographers recommend that our expectant mothers get a manicure and a pedicure a day or two before the shoot. Your hands and feet will be in some of the pictures and you want them looking their best!

When should I schedule my maternity session?2017-08-05T22:34:14+00:00

Our maternity photographers feel it really just depends on how your pregnancy is going. You want to look pregnant, but not uncomfortably pregnant. Usually that is 28-36 weeks. It just depends on your body and your preference.

What should I wear?2017-08-05T22:32:54+00:00

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and LOVE. A pair of pre-pregnancy jeans (any color) look great unbuttoned with an exposed belly. A big white, button-down rumpled men’s shirt is great. Tanks and tube tops – anything fitted or stretchy in solid colors. Dresses can look great too and we also love flowing long skirts.

What type of clothing should we wear?2017-07-28T17:18:33+00:00

We always recommend solid colors and color coordinating with other members of your group.  Avoid logos and printed words on shirts and tops. Please be aware that long sleeves can be more flattering.  As far as dressy or casual goes, be yourself! We want your personality and style to show through in your portraits.

Do you provide props or should we bring our own?2017-07-28T17:18:10+00:00

We have a variety of props at all of our studios including seasonal items. Please let us know if you have any specific requests. If you have any special items from home you want in your photos, please bring them with you.

How can I prepare my children/family for the portrait session?2017-07-28T17:17:46+00:00
  • Avoid sunburns and bad haircuts the week of your session!
  • Give yourself time to prepare for your session as far as clothing goes. You don’t want to be scrambling the day of your family portraits to throw something together.
  • Avoid all food or drink that may cause your child’s tongue to turn blue until after the photo shoot!
  • Avoid scheduling during nap time for small children.
  • If you have a newborn, we recommend feeding right before the session.
Can I bring my pet?2017-10-28T00:47:07+00:00

Absolutely! We welcome ALL members of your family. And not just dogs… we have had cats, birds, bunnies, turtles, and even snakes smiling for the camera! Please call the studio in advance to let them know what kind of animals to expect with your session, and bring leashes/carriers and some treats for your furry (or scaly) friend.

When and how do I pay?2017-07-28T17:16:59+00:00

Both the sitting fee and any additional purchases made on packages are collected the day of your session.  We accept cash and major credit and debit cards. No checks are accepted.

For any senior or outdoor sessions, all portrait packages are paid on the day of the photo viewing.

Does it cost more for location shoots outside the studio?2017-07-28T17:16:08+00:00

Yes. The “on location” sitting fee is higher than the studio sessions. Travel fees may also apply. Please call your studio for details.

Do you “touch up” my portraits?2017-07-28T17:15:41+00:00

For all sessions other than outdoor and seniors, our clients are able to view their images immediately following the completion of their photo shoot. Because we view digitally, our studios no longer offer printed proofs. We guarantee 4 to 6 weeks turn around on prints and 6 to 8 weeks on any specialty products. CDs are typically delivered with your prints, but can be completed sooner upon request. We’re here to help!

How long will it take for my portraits to be available for pickup?2017-10-28T00:43:57+00:00

Prints are guaranteed 4-6 weeks, Digital Downloads are guaranteed at 1 week, and specialty heirloom products are guaranteed at 6-8 weeks. We currently do not offer same day printing.

I can’t make my scheduled session, can I get a refund for my promotional package?2017-10-28T00:42:32+00:00

Your promotional package stays valid for 6 months! We do not refund, but are flexible with scheduling. We can reschedule your session or you can even gift your promotion to a friend or family member to use.

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