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Precious Portraits

newborn portrait of baby in basket by Andrea Michaels portrait studios

It’s amazing how something so small can take up so much room in your heart. Whether you are the grandparent, auntie, uncle, a family friend, or mommy and daddy, you instantly fall in love with this little tiny human. You’ll be trying to capture those precious moments with cell phone snap shots. But nothing compares to the fabulous professional portraits that come from Andrae Michaels infant photographers. You can bring in special items, such as a very special homemade baby blanket, a family christening gown, or a baby’s ultrasound picture to incorporate into the portrait. We have some fun props at the studio also. We take the time to sooth and comfort your baby to capture those little moments of absolute preciousness.

Documenting Baby’s Growth

Everyone knows how busy life can get. Days slip by and become months. Before you know it, that precious newborn is eating big people food and choosing their own outfits to wear for the day. Don’t let this happen without documenting the growth of your newborn with baby photos. Will you regret professional portraits? Never. Will you regret not capturing the growth of your pride and joy? Every day.

blond baby sitting in toy chest with stuffed animals by Andrea Michaels portrait studios

Portraits are the Memory of Life

I can’t stress how important it is to capture portraits of your baby. They don’t stay little for long and life changes every moment. Someone that you thought would be around forever may suddenly be gone. By putting grandma’s hands in the portrait holding baby as she sleeps, the baby will always know how secure and loved she is.

professional portrait of newborn baby being held by grandma's hands Andrea Michaels portrait studios

Altering Life by Holding It Still

As a photographer at Andrae Michaels Photography Studio we are in the business of holding time still. Knowing that these portraits of your baby will be treasured forever, gives us immense satisfaction. We know that what we do will always make you smile. That precious look captured in time, because tomorrow that look will change.

professional photograph of newborn baby sleeping on table by Andrea Michaels portrait studios

A Professional Photograph Is Life’s Pause Button

That little bundle of joy is your love story. Professional photos of your newborn, infant, or toddler will be wonderful moments to share with family and friends. We custom build affordable photo packages so you can share your precious little love with those folks who are near or far. They will love seeing your love story change in the months to come. Come and let us hit the pause button in your life and show off your love story.

young family smiles for a professional photograph by Andrea Michaels portrait studios

Immortalized Images

Let our professional photographers capture that forever crazy feeling of love. In an image, life stands still and a story unfolds. We can pause life’s business and document memories of baby’s growth. They become memories to share and enjoy for the rest of your life. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. You won’t regret making the appointment today.

sleeping newborn baby surrounded in pink flower headband is photographed by Andrae Michaels portrait studios

I Know That Girl Behind that Camera

Something magical happens when I’m behind my camera and a family brings in their new baby to be photographed. My heart explodes with ooy gooy gramma coos. The other photographers in the studio call me “the baby whisperer.” My goal for your baby is to be soothed and comfortable while I capture those precious moments.

It’s all about freezing time.

What’s your super power?


Andrae Michaels Photographer

professional photograph of newborn baby's feet and flowers by Andrea Michaels portrait studios
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