Thank you, grandma, for being so kind and careful with our family photographs. The things that you do will not go unnoticed. It is imperative to pay attention to our potential heirlooms. You can never be too careful when saving these precious photographs. 

It is easy for many people to do take photographs in today’s world thanks to technology. It was not easy for us to reach back 50 years and pull something from archive, but as long as we continue to protect our keepsakes it should be better. One day that photograph you have of your baby, bawling with a mess of cake all over his face, is going to be useful. 

Tips for protecting what’s important to you:

  • Seal your photographs on canvas with UV coating 

  • Use albums with acid-free sleeves  

  • Make an online scrapbook or photo album 

  • Make prints! You can use you online gallery to order prints. There’s also tons of apps to make prints and keepsakes.  

  • Go to your local camera store, they will have many ways to turn your portraits into something you can enjoy and they will also have professional advice and knowledge to help guide you through your journey. 

About the Photographer:

Life, in perspective, is a piece of artwork. There’s not one day that goes by, in my mind, that I don’t see art and beauty. I am always trying to capture a perfect moment wherever I go. I tend to be very in-the-moment with photography because there are so many things going on at all moments. I like shooting genuinely and distinctively. The way I see things is going to be a lot different than anybody else, so what I shoot will always be unique, yet still full of emotion. I pour my heart into my artwork because I know it is, at least, worth the effort I put into it

andrae Michaels portrait studios photographer Cathy