Making Memories in Our Portrait Studio

These Fleeting Moments: Captured in Studio Portraits

Professional photography captures moments that will be cherished for generations to come. These moments are fleeting, but we can help create and preserve your family as you are now in a beautiful professional photograph. A professional studio portrait is going to leave grandma speechless, it will make dad proud, will make mom shed a tear of joy, and the kids will be grateful when they grow into amazing parents who will continue the cycle.

Act Natural: Dos and Don’ts of Family Photography

Often times during family studio photography, we see adults tense up. Loosening up will give your family portraits an easy feel. We care about the outcome of your memories. Remember, it is key to breathe, relax, and just remember that your photographs will be as unique as you are. Inspiration is curated by you and who you bring. A family that laughs together, loves together.

Say cheeseboogers!

One of the many ways of getting a child to smile during the photography session is to have them interact with each other. Encouraging a child to have fun while taking their portraits is essential in getting those sweet little smiles to come out. Having a sister give her little brother a kiss on the cheek gives your photograph a personal touch. It showcases a sense of warmth and love.

Candids Can Make the Best Professional Photos

Additionally, candid photographs really show the true side of yourself and your family. No words can describe how much they will fill your heart with happiness. Whether you are walking down the stairs to go do laundry or having guests over, your candid portraits are sure to spark a smile.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: My Career At Andrae Michaels Portrait Studios

Life, in perspective, is a piece of artwork itself. There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t see art and beauty. I am always trying to capture a perfect moment wherever I go. Because there are so many things going on each moment, I am very in-the-moment with photography. I like shooting genuine and distinct images. The way I see things is much different than an untrained eye. Images that I shoot will always be unique and full of emotion. I pour my heart into my artwork because I know it is worth the effort.


Andrae Michaels Photographer

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