Making the Decision to get Professional Photos

So you’ve decided to get professional photos done. Maybe it’s a new year and you and your family are ready to get an annual photo session booked. Or maybe you’ve never had professional photos taken. But something has finally pushed you to make that appointment and create memories that will last a lifetime. Perhaps you’d never even thought about a professional photography session, but during your walk through the mall a representative for Andrae Michaels National Portrait Company stopped you. Then you realized it was finally time. Whatever the reason, it helps to know what to expect from your photography session and how to prepare before getting those photos done!

Who to include in your photos?

When you walk into the portrait studio, deciding who will be in the photos is very important. Maybe just you and your significant other, or you’ve got an extended family of 12 people all visiting from out of state and you want a photo all together for the first time. Think about who you want to be in your photos and try to schedule your appointment around when everyone’s availability. Keep in mind that Andrae Michaels permanent studio locations are open 7 days a week, excluding holidays. We are very open to finding a time and day that works best for you and your family. We also understand that unexpected situations come up, and we are flexible with moving things around to best suit your needs.

large family poses for professional portrait by Andrea Michaels in Colorado Springs

Dress for the occasion

Once you’ve decided on who will be in your photos, think about how you want to look. Do you want to all match and color coordinate your outfits? Or do you like to be cohesive but allow everyone to have a bit of their own style included? I think that subtle color coordinating looks fantastic. For example, have a color scheme of blue and white, or any other color combination you prefer. Some people wear a white shirt with blue jeans, and another wears a matching blue shirt with white accents. Whatever you think will best suit you and your family.

Andrae Michaels portrait studios captures three siblings smiling for the camera

Ask questions regarding your photography session

So now that you’ve got your appointment all booked and are ready to go, the studio will be in touch with you before your session to confirm the appointment. We will remind you of anything you need to bring for the session and let you know of our wonderful packages you can purchase on the day that will allow you to cherish your photos forever. If you have any questions about what to expect during your photo session we are happy to answer them. Don’t be afraid to ask! Some common questions are if we allow pets in the photos. Absolutely we do! People also ask if they can bring in their own props or if we provide them. The answer is both! We have tons of awesome props for you and your family, but we also encourage you to bring stuff if there is something specific you want included in your photos.

You’re ready for your portrait session!

Now that you are fully prepared for your appointment, it’s time to take those wonderful photos. If you’re reading this and realizing that it is time for you to come in for a session, please give any of our locations in Colorado Springs a call. We’d love to get you booked!


Andrae Michaels Photographer