Dad’s Reaction to his Newborn’s Portrait

I have been with Andrae Michaels Photography Company for two years now. My amazing manager, Dani, and my co-workers taught me everything I know about photography. One of the biggest things I learned was no matter how tough and serious a new dad looks coming into the studio, he immediately turns into a huge teddy bear when he looks at his new baby’s portraits! Here at Andrae Michaels, we strive to have that reaction with not only dads but all of our clients. We are very passionate about capturing your newborns first moments in front of the camera. Newborn photography is so important to us. Babies grow up too fast. You never realize how important it is to capture these moments until they are all grown up!

Family Photography: Five and Plus!

If you think your family has too many people for professional studio photography, you are mistaken! Our photographers here at Andrae Michaels are trained to handle all kinds of families, from small and quiet to large and outgoing. We enjoy everyone’s company and creativity and we love welcoming new ideas. Not only are we capturing your family’s memories, we are solidifying them into history for years to come! Even though getting the whole crew in the studio to do the pictures may be a challenging mission, it is most definitely worth it.

family with five siblings poses for professional studio portrait at andrae michaels portrait studios in colorado springs

The Beauty of Family Portraits

We recognize the fact that girls are sometimes hard on themselves! Our trained studio photographers will ensure all your hair is set in place and check that your makeup is on point before the session starts. We love to take time and get to know our clients to make them feel at home and comfortable throughout their experience! Our professional studio photographers at Andrae Michaels work hard to satisfy each and every client. We love to see our repeat clients, but also enjoy meeting new people. Anyone is welcome at any time during operating hours. Family photo shoots are some of our most treasured times, and we welcome anyone on one condition: that the ladies recognize and appreciate their beauty! 😊


Andrae Michaels Photographer

three young teenage sisters smile and pose for a professional portrait at andrae michaels portrait studios in colorado springs