June 2018

How to prepare for your Photography Session

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Making the Decision to get Professional Photos So you’ve decided to get professional photos done. Maybe it's a new year and you and your family are ready to get an annual photo session booked. Or maybe you’ve never had professional photos taken. But something has finally pushed you to make that appointment and [...]

The Power of Photography

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Do We Cherish Cell Phone Photos? We all have found ourselves reaching into our pockets and pulling out our phones to capture a moment happening right before us. Our cell phone, once used only for the convenience of reaching a person on the go, has evolved into a multipurpose gadget that most us [...]

Documenting Life Through Portrait Photography

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Why I Love Portrait Photography Why am I so adamant about taking your portrait? My passion for photography goes beyond an explanation. I can take my photography wherever I go, and it takes me places. I can preserve the time I spend with my loved ones whenever and wherever. Time is [...]

Professional Headshots by Andrae Michaels

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Photography for Your Business When most people hear the name “Portrait Company” they automatically think of family photography. And while it is accurate that many of the customers that come through our doors are looking to get family photos, here at Andrae Michaels we offer a wide array of photography options. Besides families [...]

Photographs that Capture Your Heart

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Precious Portraits It’s amazing how something so small can take up so much room in your heart. Whether you are the grandparent, auntie, uncle, a family friend, or mommy and daddy, you instantly fall in love with this little tiny human. You’ll be trying to capture those precious moments with cell phone snap [...]

The Joys of Baby Photography

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What Happens in the Studio, Stays in the Studio Becoming a professional photographer was the best decision I have ever made – especially because I have been doing studio photography with Andrae Michaels. I especially enjoy baby photography, and luckily, we have an infant photography session every week. I love capturing the babies’ [...]

Life’s Precious Moments: Your Maternity Session

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Precious New Additions You haven’t been feeling like yourself lately. You have ruled out any sickness, but you know something is going on. And then you receive the news. You’re expecting a new addition to your family. This can leave you overwhelmed with emotions and everyone’s situation is different. While I’m not here to [...]

Photographing our Military Families

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Our Location In Colorado Springs Being a photographer at the Colorado Springs location of Andrae Michaels Portrait Studio means that I see a large number of military families. For anybody reading this who is not familiar with Colorado Springs, it is home to the Air Force Academy, the Peterson Air Force Base, and [...]

Portraits: A Circus of a Time

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Portraits and Family Fun Welcome everyone to your Family Portrait Session! I know you are scared but it will be OK! I am your Photographer, Kid Charmer, and Entertainer for this event. Now, be prepared to OOH and awe, have a cry, and laugh out loud, put your worries aside, and enjoy your [...]

May 2018

Family Portraits for All Ages

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Dad's Reaction to his Newborn's Portrait I have been with Andrae Michaels Photography Company for two years now. My amazing manager, Dani, and my co-workers taught me everything I know about photography. One of the biggest things I learned was no matter how tough and serious a new dad looks coming into the [...]

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