couple holds frame around them as they make silly faces at each other by Andrae Michaels portrait studios

Having a strong background of photo experiences will get kids more prepared for what’s about to happen. I see little ones that come in that are about 1 or so, and they cry or they have their own plan on how things go. So I go with the flow of the session. If they are diggin it and are happy, the session goes smoothly. Sometimes it’s not as easy and I may be trying for a while to capture a smile from a upset toddler. Candids usually are what make up most of it but if I am able to get at least one great photo out of it, it was worth it. Watching the looks on a parents face when they see their babies on that screen after a session is a great feeling. It means I have given them photos that mean alot them and they are grateful.

You treat your kids well, you love them, you give them everything that they need, and you go above and beyond for them. One of the ways you can invest in yours and their future is to have a photography session. This is not something you do every weekend so laugh it up, and make it count, create something to reflect on for years to come. These are lasting moments frozen in time just for you.

So don’t wait forever! I can confess from time time I lose focus on important things. Life is full of a bunch of distractions, so it’s easy to forget and lose track of time. Everyone has fallen victim to a  tight schedule but don’t let that stray you away from marking picture day in the calendar. Your kids may not always appreciate everything you do right now but one day you’ll hear, “I’m glad we did this”

About the Photographer:

andrae Michaels portrait studios photographer Cathy

Life, in perspective, is a piece of artwork. There’s not one day that goes by, in my mind, that I don’t see art and beauty. I am always trying to capture a perfect moment wherever I go. I tend to be very in-the-moment with photography because there are so many things going on at all moments. I like shooting genuinely and distinctively. The way I see things is going to be a lot different than anybody else, so what I shoot will always be unique, yet still full of emotion. I pour my heart into my artwork because I know it is, at least, worth the effort I put into it