Why I Love Portrait Photography

older couple smile at each other in black and white photograph by Andrea Michaels portrait studios

Why am I so adamant about taking your portrait? My passion for photography goes beyond an explanation. I can take my photography wherever I go, and it takes me places. I can preserve the time I spend with my loved ones whenever and wherever. Time is something that will run out, and we can not get it back. It is an abundant resource but we only get a limited amount with people we love.

Photographs That Last A Lifetime

I’m doing this to document not only my own life, but also the lives of others by photographing them in the way that I see. Everyone has a unique perspective as to how we look at the world. No two photographers will take the same picture, everyone is different and we all see things differently. Our photographs reflect on how we put all the pieces together to make one peice of art. In doing so, we combine history with art, held in time.

professional portrait of baby laughing for the camera by Andrae Michaels

Making Memories Together

siblings grasp hands in professional studio portrait by Andrae Michaels

The little ones of today will grow up to be grateful to have memories from their past and photos with their loved ones. It is not often we think to have professional pictures done in a studio environment because you may take them at home when it’s prom or after a sports victory. The history of the way we choose to take photos has evolved. During the days of disposable cameras, my mom was excited to put that tacky Halloween witch costume in a photo album. I’m thankful for that because it is one of those moments in my life where everything was innocent and I did not care about others opinions. It was all about having fun. Those moments are just as important as the ones you decide to come in the studio for.