Capturing Love in a Portrait

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you

You oughta know by now how much I love you

The world my change my whole life through

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you

(song by George Benson)

professional portrait photography taken of a couple smiling

Professional Photographs of Couples

Picture this: you’re enjoying a walk through the mall with the love of your life. You happen to walk by a photography kiosk and noticing amazing portraits on display. Most people wouldn’t think twice about professional portraits. But wait, you never thought about how valuable a portrait with your love would be. You can cherish that forever. Life changes so fast. Now is the time to make the decision to slow down life. Capture that wonder that your heart feels when you are around that special someone.

romantic portrait of couple by Andrae Michaels in Colorado Springs

Affordable Photographers Located Near You

Andrae Michaels is a picture studio near you with locations in Denver and Colorado Springs. There are also mobile divisions throughout some of the states to assist you with a place to have your professional pictures taken. No need to drive far to plan a special day to show your love how incredibly important they are to you.  Just a simple phone call, a time set aside for your photo shoot and you are on your way to a fabulous portrait.

man and woman tilt their heads toward each other in romantic professional portrait by andrae Michaels portrait studios

Best Photography Studio: Here’s Why

There are many photographers in your area. Some are good, some not as good, but we know that we are the best photography studio. Our photographers really enjoy helping our customers capture memories to last a lifetime. We want you to smile during the photo shoot and keep that smile while hanging your masterpiece on your wall. All we ask is that you come ready to smile and willing to pose. Let us do the rest.


Andrae Michaels Photographer

father and son smile for a professional studio portrait by Andrae michaels portrait studios