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Andrae Michaels Business Photography



Andrae Michaels produces high-quality business photos that will evoke professionalism and capture your clients attention.

Andrae  Michaels provides you with professional quality, business photography that brings your brand image into focus. You can count on Andrae Michaels to be the perfect solution for your business photography needs. We can provide in-studio photo sessions or on-location photo sessions to suit your schedule and business operations. We also have packages for any sized business. Call your nearest Andrae Michaels studio to learn more about our business photography solutions.

Here are some ideas and best practices for how to utilize your professional business photography from Andrae Michaels.

  • Advertising and Public Relations
    Boost the personal touch by including your professional business portraits into your advertising, direct mail, memos, and press releases.
  • Websites, Marketing Collateral and Business Cards
    Ideal for team pages, service pages, and contact pages; allow your customers to place a face with a name in order to start the business relationship off on the right foot. Professional business photos are also perfect for marketing collateral and business cards.
  • Corporate Communications and Investor Relations
    Adding professional business photos to annual reports, investor dossiers, executive presentations, newsletters and more reinforces your company’s image and helps create tighter relationships among clients, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Social Networks
    Putting faces to names is where social media marketing can really shine for your integrated marketing communications strategy.
  • Email Confirmations
    For service industry businesses that send employees to customer’s  homes, it helps to send a picture of the employee ahead of the service call as a means to prepare the customer for the visit and as a security measure so the homeowner will recognize the employee as an actual member of your business.
  • Employee Recognition
    A great way to reward employees for outstanding work is to send them to Andrae Michaels for their own professional business portrait.
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