Andrae Michaels National Portrait Studio provides in-studio newborn photography

Newborn Photography

Our newborns grow so fast, which is why you’ll want to remember every little detail about them during their first days here on earth. Families all over the world know that professional photography of their newborns is an investment guaranteed to grow in value over time. At Andrae Michaels, we’ll create gorgeous portraits of your newborns by themselves and with mommy and/or daddy. These images will become the perfect artwork for your home and to share with loved ones. Our expert newborn photo sessions will leave you with joy for years to come and will be passed down through your family for generations to come.

Andrae Michaels National Portrait Studio provides toddler photography services

Toddler Photography

Dealing with toddlers can be a bit, we’ll just say frustrating at times! We know, because we’re parents too! However, our expert toddler photographers are highly skilled at capturing them in their element. Our photographers know the tricks that will garner the perfect shot of your toddler. These beautiful portraits will create tangible memories as heirloom pieces perfect to hang on your walls to bring joy to your heart every time you walk by them.

Andrae Michaels National Portrait Studio provides child fashion photography services

Fun Fashion Photography

Are you looking to have a really fun day with your child and get some really awesome pictures to boot? We think you’ll love this, we call it our fun fashion photography photo shoot! Try saying that five times fast! Bring in your little ones with some fun outfits and props and we’ll handle the rest! These pictures come out great and are a perfect way to share the development and growth of your little guy or gal with friends and family. Our expert photographers know exactly how to set the mood and photography style to match any type of outfit or costume you bring in. Take a look at our fun fashion photography photo gallery to get some inspiration for your very own fun day with your loved one!

Andrae Michaels National Portrait Studio provides child birthday photography services

Birthday Photography

Happy Birthday little one! It’s that time of year when you celebrate your favorite little person’s big day (and your big day too!) Why not make it a tradition to bring them in for a professional birthday photo shoot! Yearly birthday photography is perfect for capturing the milestones in their lives. Birthday photoshoots capture the difference a year makes. Compare them from one year to the next. Oh my how they’ve grown! 

Andrae Michaels National Portrait Studio provides sports photography services

Sports Photography

There isn’t a person on earth that can deny how cute your little guy or gal is when they dawn their uniform or sports gear. Capture them from year to year and from sport to sport with Andrae Michaels sports photography for children. Bring them in with their uniform and their gear and we’ll set up the perfect shot to make you proud to be called mom and dad. Our expert photographers will make it fun for your child and stress-free for you! It’s a win-win! (pun intended.)

Andrae Michaels National Portrait Studio provides in-studio holiday themed photography

Holiday Photography

Oh the holidays are here and what a better time than to take some family photos! We love the fall here at Andrae Michaels because this is the time that we get to see all of the little cuties dressed in their best! Bring your children in to Andrae Michaels for a fun fall themed or Thanksgiving photo shoot. Pumpkins, beautiful orange leaves are just the beginning for creative ideas in our studios. What about Christmas? Dress your little angels in the cutest outfit and bring them in as we create beautiful Christmas themed backdrops for the most amazing and cherished Christmas and holiday photos of your children and family.