No Occasion too Big or Small

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Photography is nothing to regret Remember that time that you went to get professional photos and regretted having those memories? Probably not. When it comes to getting professional photos taken you are capturing a moment in time that cannot and will not ever be repeated. It’s gone. No matter if you didn’t feel like going [...]

Everyone should be a photographer

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Laugh a little Everyone should be a photographer. What I mean by that is that everyone should have an interest in photos and having them in your home to cherish. Most people using their phones to take pictures will enjoy the benefits of having taken the photo themselves, and while it gets the [...]

Don’t wait

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Having a strong background of photo experiences will get kids more prepared for what's about to happen. I see little ones that come in that are about 1 or so, and they cry or they have their own plan on how things go. So I go with the flow of the session. If [...]

The Joys of Baby Photography

By |2018-07-12T21:04:28+00:00June 8th, 2018|Toddler Portrait Photography|

What Happens in the Studio, Stays in the Studio Becoming a professional photographer was the best decision I have ever made – especially because I have been doing studio photography with Andrae Michaels. I especially enjoy baby photography, and luckily, we have an infant photography session every week. I love capturing the babies’ [...]

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