The Best Parts of Being a Photographer

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Every Profession has its Challenges Being a photographer, as with any job, comes with its own set of challenges. Obstacles that you have to overcome or work through in order to create an amazing product. One of the biggest challenges I feel professional photographers face today is this idea of anyone being able to call themselves a photographer. With [...]

Not your grandmas photo album

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Thank you, grandma, for being so kind and careful with our family photographs. The things that you do will not go unnoticed. It is imperative to pay attention to our potential heirlooms. You can never be too careful when saving these precious photographs.  It was so hard to hold on to [...]

Photographs that Capture Your Heart

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Precious Portraits It’s amazing how something so small can take up so much room in your heart. Whether you are the grandparent, auntie, uncle, a family friend, or mommy and daddy, you instantly fall in love with this little tiny human. You’ll be trying to capture those precious moments with cell phone snap [...]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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Baby Photography Every photographer has a favorite subject to photograph: whether it’s landscapes, cars, people, etc. Personally, I prefer to photograph people. That is one of the reasons I enjoy working at Andrae Michaels professional photography studios so much. There is something special about capturing important moments for families, couples, and babies that [...]

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