The Best Parts of Being a Photographer

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Every Profession has its Challenges Being a photographer, as with any job, comes with its own set of challenges. Obstacles that you have to overcome or work through in order to create an amazing product. One of the biggest challenges I feel professional photographers face today is this idea of anyone being able to call themselves a photographer. With [...]

Everyone should be a photographer

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Laugh a little Everyone should be a photographer. What I mean by that is that everyone should have an interest in photos and having them in your home to cherish. Most people using their phones to take pictures will enjoy the benefits of having taken the photo themselves, and while it gets the [...]

Not your grandmas photo album

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Thank you, grandma, for being so kind and careful with our family photographs. The things that you do will not go unnoticed. It is imperative to pay attention to our potential heirlooms. You can never be too careful when saving these precious photographs.  It was so hard to hold on to [...]

Why Andrae Michaels is your One Stop Shop for Photography

By |2019-02-07T22:20:02+00:00November 20th, 2018|Couples Photography, Family Photography, Outdoor Portrait Photography, Pet Portrait Photography|

We can do almost everything! When it comes to photography there are a lot of businesses or private photographers that specialize in a specific type of photography. They might only do weddings or engagement photos. Or maybe they just do family photography but forget bringing pets. Or they might possibly only do outdoor photography, but do not [...]

Don’t wait

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Having a strong background of photo experiences will get kids more prepared for what's about to happen. I see little ones that come in that are about 1 or so, and they cry or they have their own plan on how things go. So I go with the flow of the session. If [...]


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We don't give ourselves enough credit. These photos we take are not supposed to be perfect, they are supposed to be you, and real. And we freeze the moment in time as we are now to be preserved for us to cherish throughout our lives. These photos will inevitably outlast us one day [...]

Why Professional Portraits are so important

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Why people wait to get Professional Portraits As a photographer with Andrae Michaels I see a number of different families who come in to get their portraits taken. One of the first questions that I always ask them is “When is the last time you got professional portraits taken?” Surprisingly, or maybe not [...]

Importance of Family Photography

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Photographs That Will Be Cherished for a Lifetime Capturing memories with loved ones is so important yet often overlooked. Sometimes, that special someone in your life is your child or grandchild. A child and adult professional portrait of you and that favorite person you are so proud of will be a possession to [...]

How to prepare for your Photography Session

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Making the Decision to get Professional Photos So you’ve decided to get professional photos done. Maybe it's a new year and you and your family are ready to get an annual photo session booked. Or maybe you’ve never had professional photos taken. But something has finally pushed you to make that appointment and [...]

Documenting Life Through Portrait Photography

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Why I Love Portrait Photography Why am I so adamant about taking your portrait? My passion for photography goes beyond an explanation. I can take my photography wherever I go, and it takes me places. I can preserve the time I spend with my loved ones whenever and wherever. Time is [...]

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