Capturing Love Through Studio Photography

Love Is In The Air: Couples Photography

What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic. Nothing brings me more excitement than witnessing two people express genuine love for one another. That is why I adore photographing couples here in our couples portrait studio. Whether it’s a casual couples session, engagement photos, or maternity, love is in the air at Andrae Michaels photography company!

Windows To The Soul: Portrait Photography At Its Finest

The eyes say it all; they are the windows to the soul. Multiple times throughout a couple’s session I will ask the love birds to look at each other. In this moment, I can observe the character of the relationship. Is he going to make a silly face at her and make her laugh? Will she give a soft smile and slowly look up into his eyes to demonstrate the new relationship and budding romance? Or will they immediately share a kiss, forget I’m there, and be fully absorbed in one another? Regardless of the reaction to my request, it always yields the biggest, most beautiful smiles from the couple and makes for a heartwarming portrait displaying their devotion.

professional engagement portraits photographed at andrae michaels portrait studios in colorado springs

Capturing Couples in Studio Photography

True love has no boundaries. I’ve seen it come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and the list goes on. Every couple is unique in their love and how they choose to express it and I am here to capture it, whatever it may be. It is my pleasure to document these special moments in professional pictures with your loved ones that you cherish forever.

couple's portrait photography shoot at andrae michaels in colorado springs

Couples’ Moments Captured in Professional Portraits

One of my favorite quotes that perfectly describes the joy of capturing beautiful memories is by renowned professional photographer Joshua Atticks: “Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.”

a true love story never ends professional photograph by andrae michaels in colorado springs

Why I love being a Studio Photographer at Andrae Michaels

Becoming a professional studio photographer at Andrae Michaels here in Colorado Springs has given me the ability to share in the joy of capturing important moments for people. I love catching these interactions and will always be grateful for the opportunity that Andrae Michaels Portrait Studios has given me.


Andrae Michaels Photographer

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