Capturing Children and Pets: The Perfect Family Portrait

Born to be Wild

“Never work with children or animals.” This famous quote from comedian W.C Fields has become a common trope used in daily conversations. Despite Fields’ contempt for dogs and kids and his mass appeal to the public, at Andrae Michaels Portrait Studios, we reject his notion that the unpredictable behavior of youngsters and pets can be a disadvantage to our work. We believe that children and animals are a crucial component of life and an important part of your family.  Our team of professional photographers embraces the challenges that come with capturing the perfect moment of your loved ones despite their high-energy nature.

Kid-Friendly Photography Studio

Let’s be honest – kids can drive you crazy. They are unpredictable roller coasters of emotions and you have to learn to hang on. It is my job as a family photographer to ensure you that no matter how they decide to act that day, I will find a way to catch those precious moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life. If my patience and tricks I have up my sleeve don’t work, our kids photography studio has an assortment of kid-friendly props and toys that we use to capture your child’s attention.

Pet-Friendly Photography Studio

For most of us, a pet is truly a member of the family.  Being a momma to two fur babies myself makes pet photography one of my favorite kinds of photography. Whether you rescue six pugs and want to bring them all in for headshots, or you just want your beloved golden retriever in your family photo, I pride myself in always being able to grab their attention. Our pet-friendly portrait studio helps me capture your pet’s individual personality that makes them who they are.

Why I love working with Andrae Michaels Portrait Studios

Getting the perfect family portrait in the midst of chaos is what I live for. I am so thankful to work for a family photography studio that allows me to create those moments for you and your family.


Andrae Michaels Photographer

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