family photographer

We don’t give ourselves enough credit. These photos we take are not supposed to be perfect, they are supposed to be you, and real. And we freeze the moment in time as we are now to be preserved for us to cherish throughout our lives. These photos will inevitably outlast us one day and the memories we leave behind are important for future generations.

True colors shine behind barriers that I seem to overcome in people’s lives. For most of us we feel like we have to shield ourselves, try not to expose ourselves too much because we fear rejection. But in reality, our personalities and being genuinely ourselves will inevitably make for a great portrait. The judgement we put on ourselves is a heavy burden to bare, but removing that stress is going to open a door of opportunity. Your smile is contagious, it will make others smile, and it is worth framing.

couple holds frame around them as they make silly faces at each other by Andrae Michaels portrait studios
mother and son smile for the camera in a portrait by Andrae Michaels portrait studios

Trying to get a good photo without having them look stiff or uncomfortable shouldn’t be too taxing. What you can do to make sure that your photos won’t look tense, is to inhale the good vibes and exhale all the worries. Just relax and be yourself without worrying about who’s judging you or if you look good enough. Trust us, you look great! We photographers get excited to take your portraits because we envision the end result which will end up on your walls in your home.

Our job is to make sure you can take away a remarkable and lasting memory. We strive to provide excellent services and products at high a quality level.