Andrae Michaels NPC corporate office is located in Colorado Springs, CO with portrait photography services in 4 locations across Colorado and one studio in beautiful Austin, Texas. We bring affordably priced family portraits to communities, along with a diverse array of job opportunities in a dynamic and growing company. Our portrait divisions include Family Portraits, Senior Portraits/Graduation, School, Church, and Pet Photography. We look forward to enduring our reputation as the fastest growing photography company in the United States!


Andrae Michaels NPC is dedicated to making the impossible possible. We are committed to developing a world-class organization focused on company morale, customer loyalty and continuous growth. With a strong emphasis on customer service we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers.  Through the success philosophies taught at this company, we plan on building and maintaining an organization that provides quality portraits for our customers, and also one which provides many opportunities for our employees to grow. Through promoting personal development, we encourage our employees to grow financially, spiritually, mentally, and physically, thus reaching their ultimate potential. We are devoted to building the largest photography company in the world. We know that with our dynamic team and loyal customers it is all possible.