Family Portraits


Andrae Michaels National Portrait Studios has a comprehensive understanding of the reality that families come in all shapes, sizes and orientations. Accordingly, family portraits, individually or as a customized package, must reflect the individual preferences and characteristics of each! Whether it’s been one year, “many” years or “never” since you last had an up to date family portrait to grace the walls of your home, our photography professionals are here to capture that priceless moment in time of you and your loved ones that will transcend the years and generations to come.

We are dedicated to documenting, via heirloom quality portraits, the growth and development of your family. As highly regarded professionals, we specialize in all facets of family portraiture. Whether you choose to begin this pictorial documentation process during a pregnancy, upon the birth of your children, into their childhood years or at that point when weddings occur, Andrae Michaels National Portrait Company guarantees that your family portrait experience will be a unique, personal and fun experience!

For your convenience, we have fixed location studios as well as state of the art mobile studios, which you may have seen in some of the nation’s largest grocery stores and malls. The point is we are here for you! Andrae Michaels NPC also offers outdoor photo sessions through our studios in Colorado Springs and Denver to help you create amazing family portraits. Should your family be Colorado mountain enthusiasts, enjoy a setting at your favorite lake, or even prefer the casual feeling of your own back yard your personal desires represent the only limits to the location of your photography session.

Family portraits can be defined as consisting of a variety of groups. It could be a new, unwed couple, a set of parents with their children, or even a portrait of a single individual with a pet. Regardless, it is still a family portrait. From groups of 2 to 20, creating a timeless work of art by capturing that particular moment in time is the objective our photographers are striving for with every click of the camera.

A family portrait represents one of the most treasured possessions many people have in their homes. While life continuously evolves with the passing years, having a permanent visual image of family and/or loved ones at a specific time in life is truly priceless.

Let’s face it, today’s hectic lifestyles necessarily means that your life is “busy.” How long has it been since you thought to yourself “When was the last time we had a family portrait?” Typically, the realization that you can always do it sooner or later dawns on you. The real issue is the fact that “later” just may not capture the moment in time that you were hoping for. With our convenient hours, we gladly work with any scheduling conflicts you are faced with to create your one of a kind family portrait.

Remember, a family portrait is not just a once-in-a-lifetime event. Families are forever changing as they grow, achieve various life goals, shrink or age. Any addition or change to the family, whether it's a gurgling new baby, a new spouse or simply the final golden years of a loving grandfather or grandmother, cries out from the recesses of your mind for a new family portrait.

At Andrae Michaels National Portrait Studios, we don’t just take your picture; we create personalized family portraits for your home and priceless heirlooms for generations to come. Call us today to schedule your family portrait session in Colorado Springs, Denver or one of our traveling divisions. Experience the satisfaction!


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